November 13, 2020

What is a Smart Grid?

At 竞博jbo体育官网 Energy, 我们的使命 is to be North America’s premier energy infrastructure company. To achieve this, our companies are investing in ‘智能电网’ technology to help improve the transmission from energy sources to homes 和 businesses across the communities we serve.

Our energy network is a vast, interconnected system of transmission lines, 变电站, energy transformers 和 more that connect energy sources such as power plants to consumers. Over time, energy dem和 has become increasingly complex due to the increased use of renewables 和 electric vehicles (EVs), which have driven enhancements to our transmission 和 distribution infrastructure.

随着 global energy transition 展开, 智能电网 technology will play an increasingly important role to provide efficiency 和 reliability throughout energy networks.

好处 of a Smart Grid

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a ‘智能电网’ will improve the existing grid through:

  • More efficient transmission of electricity
  • Quicker restoration of electricity after power disturbances
  • Reduced operations 和 management costs for utilities, 和 ultimately lower power costs for consumers
  • Reduced peak dem和, which will also help lower electricity rates
  • Increased integration of large-scale renewable energy systems
  • Better integration of distributed energy resources (DERs), including renewable energy systems, 电池,电动汽车
  • Improved security
How our operating companies are working to advance these benefits:


In 德州, Oncor is deploying innovative 智能电网 technology to support growing industry in the Lone Star State. Oncor的 智能电网 helps improve 安全 through advanced power outage tracking. Thanks to an advanced monitoring system, Oncor is able to respond to a power outage 和 restore power quickly.

Oncor is also building 和 integrating solar 和 wind energy within its electric distribution network to reduce the carbon footprint of the energy network. This helps reduce emissions 和 increase the efficiency of energy distribution.


西班牙&E utilizes 智能电网 technology in its wildfire 安全 prevention 和响应. With one of the largest utility-owned weather monitoring networks in the nation, 西班牙&E leverages artificial intelligence to help predict which circuits are most prone to fires due to adverse weather conditions. Combine this with satellite-enabled wildfire alerts 和 the result is a smarter grid that can detect a falling power line 和 send a response notice before the line hits the ground.

PXiSE Energy Solutions

PXiSE Energy Solutions is a leading grid controls technology company with over 700 MW of projects across three continents. PXiSE (pronounced "pice") provides leading 智能电网 technology designed to empower utilities, 开发人员, 和 asset owners to manage their energy resources 和 energy delivery more reliably 和 efficiently with renewable power plant controls, distributed energy resource management systems微型电网.

PXiSE’s grid controls platform — backed with 13 U.S. patents — helps support the transition from a centralized grid with one-way power flow to a more dynamic, high-speed grid. PXiSE utilizes autonomous controls that can orchestrate 智能电网 technology to achieve the harmony of resilience, 安全, efficiency 和 cost-effectiveness.

At 竞博jbo体育官网 Energy, our companies will continue to invest in 智能电网 technology to help lead the global energy transition 和 advance 我们的使命 to be North America’s premier energy infrastructure company.